Happy Two Years!

It’s just about the second birthday of normal Behaviour, the business, so it’s time for a little self-reflection. And a new headshot.

The beginning has been in a lot of ways what is to be expected. Trying to grow a little following, trying to get wholesale stockists, trying to introduce ourselves to as many people as possible. Luckily, the highs have been so affirming and have been able to mentally offset the many lows we’ve experienced. We’ve found pleasure in this normalcy. Knowing this is common, and that overnight success is not, is validating. We’re doing it, slowly, in half steps sometimes, but we’re checking off those boxes.

The benefit of this slow growth is that we’ve been able to learn more about our audience, and see what people are responding to, and what they are not. Failure is normal, and we’re embracing it. So, while we grow more confidence in our line, we have been introducing new updated designs on products that needed some tweaks.

Me in the normal Behaviour studio, 2019

The biggest reward so far has been having the chance to discover our audience, and find out what our buyers need, and where they shop. We’re finally starting to hone in on them, and say hello to new buyers every day, expanding our reach and growing this little brand. With the holiday season approaching, we’ve been applying to just about every craft fair we can, and trying to fill our weekends at public events to be there when you need to shop. Follow us @normalBehaviour and stay tuned to find out where we’re headed next, and tell your friends! We are a one-woman studio, and use the ‘royal we’ with deep aspiration.

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