Our Values

normal Behaviour was founded by artist Heather Van Winckle, with the goal of championing her own labor and creating products that people would love to use. The handmade leather goods market has long been defined by companies running unethical supply chains, that charge too much to have their brands freely advertised on our bodies. We wanted to change the focus from brand identities to the identities of individuals, by making things that are versatile enough to seamlessly mould to your unique style.

Everyone deserves to have nice things, and we believe that this applies to more than just those of us that can afford $1000 handbags. Using full-grain hides means we maximize quality and longevity, and at an accessible price point, we hope to eliminate the glut and waste of the fast fashion industry. With utility and function in mind, our streamlined leather accessories are developed to transcend styles - timeless pieces that anyone can wear for almost any occasion.

All production is done in Oakland, California, by one set of hands the whole way through from laying the patterns of each purse, backpack, or tote bag individually, to cutting, prepping and sewing, then finally hand finishing and quality inspection. We work in small batches, use local hardware suppliers whenever possible, and are committed to ethical production, all performed in-house. All of us deserve nice things, and all of us deserve to be appropriately compensated for our labor. These are non-negotiable.

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summertime fun

All of our handmade bags are made to be used! Take them on your errand runs, your leisurely rides, or to a laid back picnic.

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Out and About

normal Behaviour is always planning for, attending, or applying for craft shows in and around Oakland, CA. We’ve been to Renegade SF, Headwest, Maker’s Row, and The Buck. Keep up to date on where you can find us next by following us on Instagram.

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Studio Life

normal Behaviour is run out of a glorified shed. At just 8’ x 12’, maximizing space and utility is the goal. As someone passionate about organizational systems, I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to keep things at hand, but out of the way. Pegboards, hardware drawers, pulleys, and magnets help the studio function each day. The vaulted ceiling even allows for a little loft for show materials, and extra storage. Despite it’s humble size, it allows all production to be done in-house in Oakland, CA, and keeps my hand in the work at every turn.

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