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We have a major concession to make: 
There's no such thing as 'normal behaviour'. 


Normal is just the mean. It is constantly in flux; as we change, so too does Normal. With this in mind, normal Behaviour makes well-crafted wardrobe staples that challenge the standards, with quiet surprises and innovations to swing the balance. 

Our objective is to complement lives, not define them.  

Two years prior to launching normal Behaviour, Heather Van Winckle made an assumption. Needing gifts for all the women in her life one holiday season, she constructed handbags that could follow each receiver through their day, regardless of the adventures ahead. The assumption that lots of people, across generations, lifestyles, and taste, would like a high-quality, versatile, wardrobe staple was the founding principle upon which normal Behaviour was built.

normal Behaviour focuses on ethical production, live/work balance, inclusivity and levity. We are woman-owned, and everything we make is designed and handcrafted in Oakland, California. By making and selling handmade, small batch goods, we challenge the conventions of quality, production and value, to establish a new benchmark of expectations.

Everyday we work to redefine Normal.

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